====================================================================== H A C K I N G T H E M I L L E N N I U M P A Y F O N E by bitrobber part I gather your shit together ====================================================================== so no doubt you've heard of the Mighty Millennium Payfone. there has been a lot of phear and hand-wringing around it, for the past, oh, i dunno, basically forever. back in the 1980s, people were screaming endlessly in their philez, saying it was the end of phreaking as we know it. this is true. the millennium is UNHACKABLE. don't try to hack it, you won't get any- where. it has effectively protected our beloved p.s.t.n. from the rav- ages of miscreants such as yourself, who want to deprive the telcos of the precious revenUe$ they're entitled to by the laws of nature. ====================================================================== also, i'd like to take this opportunity to wave to our phriends in the armed services, particularly the national security agency, who keep us safe from the ever-present threat of foreign invasion, who keep at bay the brown tide of immigrants that constantly threaten to take away all our good-paying jobs, who do all this simply by reading what we say on the net. thanks! i never break any laws. ====================================================================== still reading? go away. there's nothing more in this phile. fine, well, i guess i'll have to tell you now. thanks for sticking around, phriend. //// step 1: get a millennium payf0ne tools needed: - crowbar - chisel - force, like from a hammer - red radio flyer wagon you can probably figure this step out for yourself. most of the time a millennium will be moored to a wall at some shitty establishment like a highschool (school sucks, kids). my highschool has three of them, right outside the main office. when i was a freshman some enlightened soul decided it was our lucky day, and called in a bomb threat on the school from right outside the office. it was wonderful. anyway, these fonez are on a big plastic backplate that they screw to the wall. the fone is then screwed to the backplate. so you've got two points of failure to work with (ha! you have three actually. the fone company is a big pile of phail too. but you knew that already.) this backplate is plastic and mostly empty with struts or braces or what- ever. so if you chisel a little hole in the edge of it then you can get your crowbar in there and pop it right off the wall. shouldn't be that difficult, there's only about six screws holding it to the wall. the fone will be like thirty pounds so have your wagon handy. got it home yet? good. maybe you should think about taking it some- where that's not your house. don't want your mom making you put it back. all that effort wasted. //// step 2: crack your fone open tools needed: - drill - hardened bit for drilling steel - t-key you can borrow the drill from your dad's garage. he won't notice it missing. there are two different types of locks you're likely to find. the western electric lock, and the medeco lock. medeco locks used on millenniums have only like 3 pins, so if you're pretty good at picking locks then you should be able to pop this right open. don't bother drilling it if you can pick the thing. no sense in marring the finish of your new score. once you open it you can unscrew the lock from the inside of the f0ne like a normal person. western electric locks are harder to get into. http://www.crypto.com/photos/misc/wecolock/ good fucking luck, sister. there are two locks on this fone, like all payfonez. the upper lock gets into the mechanics of the thing, and the lower lock gets into the moneybox. since you're not a criminal, you don't have any interest in the $3 worth of quarters that have miraculously showed up in this fone over the past year. seriously, i have no idea how they make money with these things. so to open the fone you have to put your t-key in the hole that looks like =O= , then turn the lock clockwise, then turn the t-key. they do this so the lock doesn't do anything mechanical other than move a piece of metal out of the way, and you apply all the force with the t-key. it helps the meathead coin collector guy not fuck up the locks. kinda neat. //// step 3: wire it up tools needed: - small flathead screwdriver - 24v power supply - fone line (not your house fone, idiot) so for the power supply you want one that gives you 0.5a or more. shouldn't be too hard to find. open the upper housing of the fone, the one with the display and shit. somewhere on the right side near the top you should see a little board where the fone line goes in. it has 4 screw terminals on it: 2 for the line and 2 for the power. don't mix em up. wire your fone line into the line terminals, and the power into the power terminals. if you do the power wrong, the fone won't work. so get it right the first time. fone should soon say on its display: [ ] [ * not in service * ] now you're cooking with gas. //// step 4: CRASERV go read the craserv file by Slip-n0t. https://www.hackcanada.com/canadian/payphones/craserv.txt //// conclusion stay tUned for the next phile in this series, about how to talk to the damn thing. EOM ======================================================================